THE first swimwear for OPEN WATER swimmers

ICEWIM swimwear is born from an adventurous spirit, with the ambition to motivate people to live a lifestyle that stimulates both mental and physical health.

Its side pockets with drains, waterproof phone case and convenient fly opening make it the ideal swimwear for more extreme conditions such cold water swimming or river crossings.


The optional accessories such as a dry bag with dry box to keep your additional belongings (clothes, shoes, sunglasses, keys, etc.) dry, make it an all-in-one solution for the more adventurous swimmer.

Furthermore, the sporty design with thermochromic print give the trunks a very masculine look.

Get yours now and experience the joys of immersing yourself in cold, open water, often in wild locations such as lakes or rivers.

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Reach Physical Fitness and Mental Sharpness through Cold Water Exposure

Taking a plunge in the cold has shown several health benefits. Primarily it helps your immune cells fight viruses, since cold exposure increases the number of immune cells and boosts their activity.

Additionally, it sharpens your mind and pushes the body to get going more than a triple shot coffee could ever do. The cold exposure enhances sensory and motor functions by increasing the blood level of neurotransmitters associated with excitement (endorphin and noradrenaline). 


Thirdly, exposure to cold temperatures has beneficial effects to people with mental illnesses. For example, cold shower might have antipsychotic and anti-depressive effect because it works like a mild electroshock to the sensory part in the brain.

Last but certainly not least, there is an effect on the hormonal system. The levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) decreases, which is why some athletes like to take a cold steam bath before their games. 
You can also experience increased levels of the Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) and Endorphins giving you a ‘High’ feeling (as it makes you more energized and bold). 

Dress to Impress

The print of the grey lines on the swimming trunks contain thermochromic material

As a result, they turn dark blue when exposed to temperatures below 12°C. 

The combination of blue and grey/black neoprene give the trunks both a sportive and masculine look and feel.





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Be Responsible before you take your Dip into the Cold

Let thy Cold be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Cold

Of course, while the benefits are enticing, it’s important to be aware of the risks of cold-water swimming, especially in open water such as lakes or rivers, before you leap in.

The 3 mm thick neoprene material insulates the swimmer, helping them retain body heat.
When a wetsuit gets wet, it traps a layer of water between your body and the suit. As you swim, your body warms that water, providing an additional layer of insulation.
This, in turn, helps the swimmers avoid hypothermia (refers to a drop in core body temperature to below 35°C or 95°F). 

On top of that, the ICEWIM trunks provides increased buoyancy.

The dry bag provides additional safety by functioning as a tow float in case you would suddenly develop cramp while swimming. The retro-reflective material keeps you more visible in the water.


The safety whistle inside the dry box creates a clear, high frequency sound, in case you would require to attract attention.

Nobody Prepares to Fail, while Many Fail to Prepare

To make sure you get the best out of your open water swimming experience, we made sure no feature was left behind to be well prepared.

On both sides of the trunks are pockets made with blockey tape closure, since normal velcro loses its functionality when sand gets inside.

A waterproof case for the phone is added which can but put inside the pocket. The plastic of the case takes over the functionality of the touch pad from your phone, so you can easily make pictures under water.

A dry box and dry bag are added optional. The dry box can be used to store your keys, watch, credit cards etc. The dry bag on the other hand is convenient to keep your shoes and clothes dry while being in the water.


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