Frequently asked questions

Why was the ICEWIM™ brand created?

With our brand, we want to promote a lifestyle that helps people connect with nature to improve their mental and physical health. To do this, our swimwear product line is specifically designed and developed to suit the needs of those with a more adventurous spirit. Are you interested to experience the joys of immersing yourself in cold, open water, often in wild locations such as lakes or rivers, than our product might be perfect for you!

Who is the ICEWIM™ team?

The brand was founded by Ruben Vanhees, a 34 y.o. Dutch-Belgian startup entrepreneur currently residing in Kyiv (Ukraine).

Since the beginning of 2020, Ruben has been working on the design and development of an innovative line of swimwear products that are focused on Wild Swimming (a.k.a. Open Water Swimming).

He has done this in close collaboration with several industry-leading profiles such as Tosca van Haren (Senior Technical Fashion Developer) from the Netherlands and Megan Ray (Apparel Fashion Designer) from California.

The Social Media Marketing (SMM) is done by Anela Nightingale. During several years she has been actively involved in different creative positions in the startup world.

What problem does the product solve?

The main problem it solves is that people often have to leave their belongings behind when they go swimming in the wild. As a result they can't fully enjoy the experience since they are worried it might get stolen or they won't find it back.

To both the trunks (for men) and the swimsuit (for women), a dry bag can be attached, which can also be used as a backpack. The existing dry bags often come in very bright colors and are made of a rather cheap looking plastic coated fabric. This makes them suitable for a typical day at the beach, but not really for the more adventurous swimmer.

The ICEWIM dry bag will be made out of waterproof neoprene material, which provides additional buoyancy and gives the product a more stylish look. On top of that, the print contains retro-reflective material which increases the visibilty for night swimmers.

A waterproof case for the phone is added which can but put inside the pocket. The plastic of the case takes over the functionality of the touch pad from your phone, so you can easily make pictures under water.

What's the 'special sauce' of the trunks and the swimsuit?
Both the trunks and the swimsuit come with side pockets and a waterproof phone case (with full touchscreen useability), which fits inside of the pockets. Some other nice features are the thermochromic paint (which changes from grey to dark blue when exposed to water below 12°C or 53,6°F), the fly opening (for the trunks) with blockey tape (instead of the usual velcro)

To conclude, ICEWIM provedes an all-round stylish solution so anyone can go wild swimming and take all their belongings with them (shoes and clothes in dry bag, keys, watch etc. in dry box, phone in waterproof case).

Why do you expect the product to sell successfully?

There is a general trend towards more ecological ways of living for both mental and physical well-being. Wild Swimming is also gaining popularity, partly thanks to some very influential people such as Lewis Pugh, Ross Edgley and Wim Hof. To reap the physical and mental benefits of cold exposure, Tony Robbins does a cold plunge first thing in the morning for a reason. Last but certainly not least, Hollywood actor Joseph Fiennes will play extreme athlete Wim Hof in Jeff Pope-Penned feature 'The Ice Man'.

Are there any opportunities for collaboration?

The ICEWIM™ team is constantly looking for opportunities to collaborate with freelancers or influencers to make their mission come true.

Are you an adventurous spirits who frequently swims in open water, practises cold exposure and has a general interest in ecotherapy for its mental and physical benefits? Maybe some form of collaborative marketing could be interesting. We are also planning on setting up an affiliate program, meaning a revenue sharing model in which a financial incentive will be offered to those who promote the ICEWIM™ product line.
If any of those is of interest to you, feel free to reach out to us!

Are you a freelancer with skills in marketing, PR, or Business Development? We are definitely interested in expanding our team to make our mission come true.