Can the ICEWIM Community launch a brand that makes cold water immersion mainstream?

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Daily immersion in cold water is not only one of the simplest ways to improve your physical and mental health, but the like-minded individuals who practice it also benefit from being part of a fast-growing global community.

The Instagram account @icewim features testimonial videos from people all over the world who share their personal story of how their journey into the cold changed their lives for the better. No matter how simple or dramatic their story, every contributor adds to the richness of the community . This catalogue or database of information is ready to form the backbone for a stronger, lasting community.

If you want to share your story, reach out to @icewim on Instagram!

Recently the ICEWIM community welcomed Jelmar Schotanus as a podcast host to interview experts in related fields (biohacking, cold thermogenesis, nutrition, etc.) to help inspire and educate their community members.

Jelmar, who goes by the name Jelly, is a Dutch cold advocate with nearly 10 years of experience with cold therapy under his belt. Their latest podcast features Dr. Patrick Owen, who is an expert in the field of ancestral and functional nutrition and teaches at McGill University.

During their conversation, they plunged deep into the science of how cold water can help you lose weight and affect your circadian rhythm.

As more and more people around the world are discovering the mental and physical health benefits associated with this lifestyle, cold therapy is becoming an accepted healthcare option in many countries.

For example, in Scotland, GPs prescribe outdoor swimming as an alternative or addition to medication for patients diagnosed with mild depression and anxiety. Community groups such as the ICEWIM Community exist to welcome first time bathers and support them on their journey into the cold-water lifestyle.

Across the community, individuals are discovering that no matter where you live or how much space you have in your home or garden, it is possible to create an area dedicated to this no-fuss healthcare option.

Thanks to the inspiring work of Wim Hof and many other cold therapy enthusiasts, this trend is growing in popularity and opened up an opportunity to create our purpose-driven and nature-oriented brand, ICEWIM! We’ll be launching our first Kickstarter campaign soon!

Our aim is to fully motivate people to develop and deepen their connection with nature, to 'Take the Plunge', go out of their comfort zone and most importantly, heal themselves in the process.

The mission: Inspire people to live a lifestyle that allows them to be happy, strong and healthy! ICEWIM is working hard to make this a success, and your participation gets them closer to their goal! Start following our Kickstarter campaign and receive an email the day before the launch date to give you a heads up.

To further promote the lifestyle, the ICEWIM Community commits to reinvesting all earnings from their crowdfunding campaign into their brand.

Click here to learn more about the ICEWIM Community and follow their social media accounts!

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