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Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Have you seen how people are trying to reconnect with nature in recent months and years? It’s astonishing, isn’t it?

On one hand, this is amazing. People are regaining their physical and mental health by going into nature, breathing fresh air and clearing their mind. On the other hand, it is quite disturbing that we lost the connection with nature and have to regain it now. But let’s focus on the positive for now. People want to spend more time in nature.

There are tons of ways to do that. But we are not going to explore all of them. We are going to focus on swimming for now because you want to hear about the new swimwear revolution, right? So let’s dive right into it! (See what I did there?)

There is this new trend called “wild swimming” you might have heard about, but what is it really? People are getting accustomed to swimming in pools and many don’t even know what swimming in nature feels like. Dipping your toes in the lake or diving headfirst in the ocean doesn’t sound so wild, does it? Well, that’s what many people mean by wild swimming. If you are used to swimming pools, it may be a bit outside of your comfort zone. But trust me, swimming in nature is much healthier than swimming in chlorine-rich pools.

And if you want to take it a step further, you should try cold swimming. You certainly have heard of people like Lewis Pugh and Wim Hof. Lewis Pugh swam under the Antarctic ice sheet for 10 minutes. Wim Hof ran a half-marathon barefoot above the Arctic circle and can sit for hours completely covered in ice. Don’t force me to repeat the last two sentences, just read them again and try to imagine something like that. Swimming UNDER the Antarctic ice sheet! Running BAREFOOT above the Arctic circle!

I know these are extreme examples of cold swimming and I’m in no way recommending you do anything similar. But were you ever standing near the lake and didn’t get in because the water was “too cold”? Or looking at the peaceful ocean waves without daring to jump in for the very same reason? You probably have and let me tell you something: You missed out on an amazing opportunity for cold swimming! An opportunity to reap the physical and mental benefits of cold exposure. Tony Robbins does a cold plunge first thing in the morning for a reason.

I did the very same thing this morning. Okay, not the same but similar. So I watched the Superbowl LIV last night and it ended at 4 am my time (Central European Time) and I went to bed at 5. After sleeping for less than 6 hours, I got up at 11 feeling terrible. I drank a lot of water, ate an apple, then a whole breakfast and I still felt awful, especially inside my head. Then I went to the bathroom, took my t-shirt off, bent over the bathtub, pointed the shower head straight to my face and let ice-cold water run for about 30 seconds. BAAAM! Instant wake-up.

I normally feel sleepy after breakfast and lunch, but not today. Now it’s 7 pm and I’m still completely alert since that ice-cold wake-up at noon.

That is one option, especially for those of us who don’t have a water source in the nature nearby. But swimming in nature is better because you immerse your whole body and your mind in the experience. Just imagine swimming in cold water for a few minutes and feeling amazing in the coming hours (or even days). And if you want to completely connect with nature, you can also try swimming naked. But I wouldn’t recommend that. You don’t want some sea creature to bite you in inappropriate places. (You know what places I mean.) Yes, that is unlikely but you still want to be safe and wear some kind of swimwear to protect the most sensitive parts of your body.

In fact, let us briefly review the evolution of swimwear

The Evolution Of Swimwear

I bet you were waiting for pictures of hot girls in bikinis… but that’s not gonna happen bro! We are going to keep our focus on the evolution of men’s swimwear. Because mostly men are interested in cold swimming, and cold exposure in general. So let’s get into it.

In the old ages, both swimming and bathing were done naked. It largely remained so in the middle ages, but changes started happening at the end of that era. The regulations were not universal, every country (and even every city) had its own laws and dress codes. For example, naked swimming in England was allowed until the mid 19th century, but in Germany only until the mid 16th century. There were cities and regions in England where nudity wasn’t allowed, but the official law banning men from swimming naked didn’t come until 1860 (it came sooner for women).

First, there were very short drawers because men weren’t used to wearing anything while swimming. But the swimsuits started getting bigger. At the beginning of the 20th century, men wore full-body tops -- one-piece swimsuits going from the shoulders all the way down to the knees. The looks changed a bit in the next couple of decades but the length remained pretty much the same.

Luckily for us men, that changed in the 1930’s and tops went out of style. The change happened because it became legal for men to go shirtless in public swimming and bathing places. That’s when the shorts/drawers/trunks we mostly use today became the standard and never went out of style again. Materials and designs varied over time but the length remained the same. That changed for a brief period of time in the 1990’s and 2000’s when knee-length shorts became popular. But that didn’t last very long and men resorted to short swimwear once again.

That’s where we are now. But what do all these swimsuits have in common? You’re not sure? Ok, let me give you the answer: They are not suitable for cold swimming. I mean sure, you can use them for cold swimming but how safe are they in cold temperatures? You surely want to protect the most sensitive part of your body -- don’t make me say it, you know what I mean -- while swimming in the cold waters of mother nature.

And what about those times you want to jump in a river or a lake in the middle of nowhere, what should you do with your stuff? Leave it on the shore for the squirrels to take your keys or for deer to eat your phone? You can’t possibly take everything with you.

So what do you do if you want to swim in cold water? You could wear a full-body suit, live deep divers do. That will protect you much better than regular swimwear but that’s not the point. You should enjoy your swimming in nature, not have a full-body suit that stands between you and fresh natural water. And what about your stuff? You can go with a friend and take turns swimming. While one of you is in the water, the other one is taking care of clothes and other stuff. That’s not ideal because swimming together sounds better. But what if you go alone, or with someone of the opposite sex and you want to enjoy each others company (*wink wink*), not worrying about where your stuff is?

Is there a better solution? I’m glad you asked, because there is and you can be a part of it from its very inception. Allow me to show you the solution…

Iceman Trunks

While the usual swimming shorts are fine to play volleyball on the beach, a real man needs his Iceman Trunks to fully embrace the cold when he goes wild swimming. Iceman Trunks are specially created with wild swimmers and cold swimmers in mind. They are designed to protect you from extreme colds while you are swimming in nature. There are also dry-box pockets to put your stuff in and not worry about where it is. It is the perfect solution for the problems you encounter when you are swimming in nature.

The Iceman Trunks will focus on:

  • Adventure/Ecotherapy to bring you back in touch with nature

  • Physical and mental health to increase your immune system and clear your mind

And the main features are:

  • Pockets on the side (1 with dry box for keys, phones + 1 with dry bag for clothes)

  • Safety whistle to get attention in case of an emergency

  • Thermochromic patch to keep your intimate parts from freezing

  • Envelope opening on the front so you can go to the toilet easier

But how did Iceman Trunks come into existence and how can you get in on this opportunity?

Ruben, the founder of Iceman Trunks, is a passionate wild and cold swimmer. He loves the benefits of cold exposure. It even helped him deal with the biggest trauma of his life when he was kidnapped and extorted in Colombia less than a year ago -- a terrifying experience. Ruben resorted to cold exposure in order to deal with it and find tranquility in his mind. In his own words, cold water helped him overcome this trauma. Ruben also heard about Wim Hof and learned that there are a ton of other people who use cold exposure because of its physical and mental benefits.

After seeing the benefits himself, he wanted to bring cold therapy to many more people and to create a product that will help in doing that. That’s how Iceman Trunks became an idea. If you find this idea interesting and want to get on the train of swimwear revolution, the Kickstarter campaign for Iceman Trunks is set to begin on the first day of Spring 2020 (March 20). Until then, we will keep you updated on the official website (

This is not a finished product yet and Ruben is inviting you to send suggestions on how Iceman Trunks can be made the best swimwear for cold and wild swimmers. Do you have any suggestions regarding the design, the materials or anything else?

Written by Filip Stanojevic commissioned by Iceman Trunks.

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