This beauty is not afraid to start her day by immersing herself in ice water. You'll be in shock!

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Twenty-six-year-old Swedish Jonna Jinton showed in a video the best way to start her day. And this video was immediately watched by hundreds of thousands of people. The brave woman plunged into the icy water and created a fantastic spectacle.

“A refreshing ice bath. Don't you agree that this is the best way to start your day? No more hot showers, no comfort zones, ”she commented on her video.

A Swedish woman moved from the city to a village in the north of the country eight years ago. She said she came here and had neither work nor money. It had to start from scratch. Now she lives in harmony with nature, working as a photographer and artist. She also has a unique hobby - she is engaged in ancient Scandinavian singing called kulning.

Jilton is the owner of one of the most popular blogs in Sweden.

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