Product Description

Iceman Trunks - The ideal swimming trunks for those who want to experience the mental and physical health benefits associated with wild swimming, cold water exposure, and other forms of ecotherapy.

Most Men will agree that the existing swim short options are not designed for adventure. You either go for a light and colorful model that suits to play volleyball on a tropical beach, or you get a heavy full-body wetsuit for scuba-diving.


Here is what most people’s swim shorts look like:

  • Colorful Design

  • Light Material

  • Not designed for Cold Water​

Trunks For Wild Swimming
Trunks For Wild Swimming

Here is what their wetsuits look like:

  • Dark Design

  • Thick Material

  • Focused on Diving or Watersports

Open Water Swimming Wetsuits

Current Swimwear Options-Spectrum:

  • Pink Flamingo (Light & Feminine)

  • Spear Fisherman (Heavy & Masculine)

Ideal Swimming Trunks

Swimwear Revolution:

Icewim Trunks is a masculine compact swimming trunks that is specifically designed for the adventurous wild swimmer.

Use Cases (Safety - Convenience - Design):


  • Swim in ice cold water

  • Take your shoes & clothes with you while swimming

  • Take your phone & keys with you while swimming

  • Increased visibility

  • Safety whistle

  • Headband

  • Enveloppe opening in the front 

  • Bring masculinity back to swimwear by design


  • Our design is made to be durable and long lasting.

  • Comfort and safety has been a priority during the design.

  • Being environmentally friendly is one of our core values.